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  Jet Ski Racing!

Brought to you by the Riverview Passion project and Austen Steeg 

 Rules for the racers:
1. Helmet required for both racing and testing (NO EXCEPTIONS.)
2. No drugs or alcohol allowed in the pits.
3. You must run with your class!
4. Your entry fee must be paid before you test.


Rules for the viewers/fans
1. Do not throw anything during the race.
2. You must pay for premium seating ($15 donation to the Teen Center)
3. Lawn chairs must be taken with when you leave.
4. Do not touch any of the machines unless permission is granted.
5. Sit in respective seating when the races begin (excluding testing)

To Sign up now 

For question please contact Austen directly at:
​(810) 357-6871


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